The Digital Vinyl System project (DVS) 
 Released in 2003, one of the world-first vinyl emulation technology

Origin of the DVS name

Back in 2003, I wanted to find a cool name for my vinyl emulation technology.
I was looking around for inspiration when I suddenly looked at my DVS skate shoes. The "Digital Vinyl System" formulation instantly came up in my mind. It is amazing to see that it is now a generic term used worldwide.

Here is the first time ever the term DVS has been mentioned :

----- Original Message -----
From: Adrien Wurth
To: Eric Guez (MixVibes CEO)
Sent: Thursday, November 05, 2003 1:10 PM

Salut Eric,

[...] J 'apporte de l'importance a nommé ce concept, j'ai pensé à DVS (digital vinyl system). [...] Je pourrai ainsi t'envoyer la librairie et un vinyle.

English translation : I want to give a name to the technology, I thought about DVS (digital vinyl system). [...] I will be able to send you a vinyl and the analysis module.



Some videos of the development

Dvs demo (crappy commercial)
DVS tech demo (2003)

MixVibes DVS

The famous DJ software company MixVibes integrated the DVS technology into their products in 2004.

DVS website Version 1 (2003) DVS website Version 2 (2004)

40 pages technical description (in french)
> Download the original document

Big thanks to all DJs and companies who made the DVS technology mainstream :)

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Adrien Wurth - music lover / DVS audio engineer