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Frequently asked questions


What is Mixvibes DVS? Why it is very innovante and cheap?

Mixvibes DVS is a unique technology that allows realtime manipulation and scratching of digital music files on your computer (wav,mp3,audio cd...) by using your vinyl turntables like Stanton Final Scratch, Serato Scratch, Soundgraph D-Vinyl. BUT the revolutionnary and unique technology of Mixvibes allow you to plug directely your turntables to your computer, so you don’t need external boxes or riaa preamp and we can drop the price.

How does it work?
Instead of music, DVS vinyl included with the DVS pack contains a TIMECODED signal. So your computer make a fast realtime analysis to track the motion of the record, simulating the same movement within the digital sample.

What is included in the DVS pack?
The DVS package includes two special vinyl records and the Mixvibes DVS software. You only need it to control your digital audio files with turntable. No RIAA preamp, no boxes ...

Can I use CD player to control Mixvibes DVS?
YES . A timecode generator is included with DVS pack. You only need to generate and burn it on a CDR. Like vinyls turtables, you only need to plug directly CD players to line Input.

Can I use Mixvibes DVS without vinyl turtables or CD player?
Absolutely YES.

Can I use Real LPs or CD?
YES of course. You can use real LPs thanks to Y splitter (connect DVS to mixer LINE input and turtable to mixer PHONO input) or with a future DVS option.

Which soundcard is necessary for Mixvibes DVS?
All sound card is compatible with Mixvibes DVS. It supports many kinds of sound configurations: pci, integrated motherboard, usb or firewire sound cards. MixVibes is compatible with multichannel sound system (quad, 5.1 or 7.1) and can manage several different stereo audio outputs.

Must I need PRO sound cards to work well?
No, The main value between sounds cards us the latency! MixVibes supports ASIO sound cards and unqiue ASIO emulation (kernel mode) allowing low latency with all sound card! If you have a high level of scatch a ASIO card is strongly adviced.

And what about latency?
Thanks to ASIO emulation you can have 10ms with cheap soudn card (like motherboard card, SB live...), and like real ASIO mode you can drop to 1.5ms (Maya 44 MkII ...).

How good is the sound quality?
Mixvibes is a professional software with a proven and famous audio engine. Developers have worked hard to obtain a real vinyl sound even at lowest speeds and during backspin! You will realy amazed by the soudn quality!

Waht is the main features in Mixvibes DVS?
Professional Master tempo (+-100%), Scrolling Waveform display, AutoBPM Counting, Seamless loops, Vinyl effects, AutoGain/Compressor/ Limiter, Realtime effects (flanger, filter ...), skins ...

It easy to install?
Since version 6.0.5, it is very easy to install Mixvibes DVS thanks to a auto configuration algorithm.

What happens when a DVS records is being destroyed?
The DVS records can be damaged like usual records. Replacements pack (3 dvs records) can be purchased for $10. Replacement records will be around the same price of an imported LP.


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