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  With Mixvibes DVS, you can control digital medias with Vinyl turntable(s) and CD player(s) (soon)

> No special hardware needed
Mixvibes DVS is the ONLY product, that allow you to plug DIRECTELY your vinyl turntable(s) (like Technics SL1200 MkII) or CD player(s) to any sound card with a stereo LINE input. NO RIAA preamp or external "boxes" are needed !

> Compatibe with all sound cards
The DVS vinyl feeling is the same with ALL SOUND CARD, the only difference is the latency. MixVibes DVS supports many kinds of sound configurations: pci, integrated motherboard, usb or firewire sound cards and multichannel sound cards.

> Low latency
MixVibes supports ASIO sound cards and exclusive ASIO emulation (kernel mode) allowing low latency WITH ALL SOUND CARD! The latency will depend on your sound cards and system configuration (and can drop to 1.5ms).

> No drifting
Thanks to NDS (never drifting system), cue point for scratch don't move and assure NO DRIFTING while a mix even in bad conditions (vinyl scratches, instant low processor or memory ressources...).


Complete Cheap Solution - 250euros

The AudioTrak professionnal soundcard Maya 44 USB is perfect for MixVibes DVS allowing you to plug 2 turtables or CD players.
Certified quality and easy install. Perfect for laptop.

> USB Full Speed and USB 2.0 Compatible
> ASIO 2.0 Compatible for extreme low latency (4ms)
> 16bits @48Khz Digital Converters
> 4 in / 4 out RCA
> 15-20000Hz Frequency Range +-3dB
> 105dB Signal-to-Noise rasio
> S/Pdif Digital Optical Output




Instead of music, DVS vinyl included with the DVS pack contains a TIMECODED signal. So your computer make a realtime analysis to track the motion of the record, simulating the same movement with the digital file.
Vinyl timecode have more than 1000 frame per seconde for a accurate postionning and CD timecode will have more than 3000 fps.

Thanks to high quality software RIAA correction you don't need RIAA preamp, or special "boxes" ...

The DVS package includes two special vinyl records and the Mixvibes DVS software. You only need it to control your digital audio files with turntables or cd players. DVS Pro package include Maya44 USB (above).

DVS will bethe only product using a exclusive optimized CD timecode allowing you to don't meet trouble while cueing with you cd players. A timecode generator will be included with DVS pack. You only need to generate and burn it on a CD-R or CD-RW.

Thanks to ASIO emulation you can have 10ms with cheap sound card (like motherboard card, SB live...), and like real ASIO mode you can drop to 1.5ms (Maya 44 MkII ...).

DVS have exclusive vinyl modes (absolute, relative, relative time, 33-45 RPM, track offset, back to mute, crackles...)


More about installation:

For input, you need a stereo input line to connect a turntable. You can connect your 2 turntables or CD players in 1 sound card or 2 sound cards depending the number of line inputs. The system can work with 0,1 or 2 turntable(s).

For output, MixVibes is compatible with multichannel sound system (quad, 5.1 or 7.1) and can manage several different stereo audio outputs. Of course, MixVibes DVS can support external mixers or headphones monitoring.



You just need to plug must link your turntable to your computer. For this, a simple mini-jack/RCA or RCA/RCA cable will do.
You must use line input. Please care to don't forget the ground wire.

INPUT OF SOUND CARD (for example maya 44usb and Sblive)

You can use real LPs thanks to bypass DVS feature or use a Y splitter (connect DVS to mixer LINE input and turtable to mixer PHONO input).

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