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  The MixVibes products are reliable softwares used by thousands of djs ALL OVER THE WORLD. DVS screenshots.



MixVibes DVS has many professional features :

> Powerful 100 % Master tempo
> Scrolling Waveform display / All tracks preview
> AutoBPM Counting / Matching
> Graphic Beat Offset display
> Seamless loops
> Vinyl effects (Back to mute, Crackles ...)
> AutoGain/Compressor/ Limiter
> Realtime effects (flanger, filter ...)
> Skins

Instant beat matching
6th generation Pro. Audio Engine

Mixvibes Audio Engine is famous for its extreme velocity and sound quality

MixVibes DVS supports many audio formats : wav, mp3, wma, ogg, audio cds ... ....................FREE UPDATES

MixVibes DVS uses the famous and professional MixVibes 6 audio angine and therefore gets the best velocity, the best sound quality and the lowest latency. Our developers have worked hard to obtain a real vinyl sound even at the lowest speeds and during backspin !

All functions can be used with your mouse or your custom keyboard; MixVibes DVS can even be used without vinyl or cd, or with just one device. DVS updates are free!



> Professional sixth generation Audio Engine
MixVibes audio engine is famous all around the world for its extreme velocity and sound quality.

Mixvibes use a powerful Master Tempo algorithm (change the tempo of the song without changing the tone) and pitch algorithm with a 0.01% resolution. The range for each control can be adjusted up to 100%!

> Essential features for a perfect gig
After loading, an entire track preview is avalaible (useful to see music breaks). The large and re-sizeable scrolling waveforms are essential to set cue more accuracy (10 on-fly cue points per track).

Thanks to Autogain your track is automatically normalized when loaded. MixVibes uses ID3 Tag v2, multi playlist as well as a search engine, allowing you to organize files for your gig.

> Automatic bpm counting / Beat Matching
MixVibes includes real time automatic bpm counting. The new BPM counting algorithm is very fast and accurate with all styles of music (hiphop, techno, house...).

To avoid missing your mix, MixVibes has a Beat Offset Display and even a Autobeat matching engine that, with one click, allows you to synchronize the beats of 2 songs.

> Customizable interface with skins and keystrokes
All windows can be resized, moved, shown or hidden. With the skins, you can fully customize your work environment.

All functions are assignable with keystrokes. Thanks to MixVibes keymapper you can easily customize keystrokes.

> Seamless loop
It’s very easy to create seamless loops with the sampler included in MixVibes. Loops are selectable in multiple bars (0.5 1 2 4 8 16). You can dynamically change the beat number without losing the loop point. A/B loops are available, too.

> Vinyl modes
Relative mode : moving the needle has no effect. The DJ can scratch and do seamless loops and cues using master tempo.
Absolute mode : The DJ can change the position of the track with the turntable needle. Also known as needle drop, MixVibes maps the vinyl instantaneously to the position of the mp3.
Wheel mode : The vinyl behaves like a wheel with no track length limitation. You don't need to play the vinyl continually.

> MIDI compatible and External controllers
Mixvibes DVS is fully midi compatible, and all MixVibes functions can be assigned to an external MIDI controller (like UC-33). Mixvibes allow you to use famous Hercules Dj Console and Mixman DM2 (v6.16 or better).



MixVibes 6 DVS Pro coming soon. DVS Pro has an impressive list of features:

> Up to 16 simultaneous players!, For example, with an 8in / 8out sound card you can use 4 external devices at the same time! (ie: 2 vinyl turntables and 2 cd players) Useful for battle scratch DJs.

> Compatibe with all external controllers
MixVibes offers the largest range of controllers in the market. Numark DMC1, DAC2, MixMan DM2, XP10, Hercules DJ Console, D-Vinyl controller, BpmStudio controllers and MIDI controllers.
All MixVibes functions can be assigned to an external controller. Several controllers can be connected at the same time.
look at controllers page...

> Multiple realtime effects
6 effects (among 16) can be assigned to each mixer channel and changed in real time like echo, flanger, reverb, bypass... The DirectX plugins and VST plugins are also managed. Effects can be set with the tempo of the song and can be contralled with MIDI.
Thanks to scripts, effects can be sequenced with the tempo. This new function is a real revolution that allows you to continuously create new beats, and with more terrific effects.

> Sampler
MixVibes 6 Pro is a sampler, managing up to 32 samples that you can play when you want.


Configuration :

Windows NT2000 or XP, PENTIUM III 1Ghz minimum, 256MB minimum
Output: 1 sound card with stereo, quad, 5.1, 7.1 outputs
Input: 1 Sound card with 1 line input or 2 line inputs, or 2 sound cards, DirectX or ASIO

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