Important : These products were based on the Adobe Flash technology. Since Flash died in 2019, the products are no longer working.
Online music technologies
Here is a set of unique white-label technologies you can use for adding value to your online music service

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Online DJ mixer / contest   Automix technology   Anti-theft technology
  Turn your users into DJs on your site.   Generate awesome song transitions.
  Eradicate online music stream-ripping.
  Give more to your users by allowing them to have fun remixing your music!Also why not creating a DJ contest on your website for your next marketing campaign?

The list of included DJ tools :
  • mouse scratch !
  • amazingly accurate BEATSYNC engine
  • instant mix recording and web sharing
  • realtime BPM control without altering the tone
  • seamless loop and seek / audio FX / pro EQ
  • crisp waveforms / cutting-edge auto volume
  • headphone cueing (with Y-splitter)
  • external MIDI decks (beta)
  • sampler
  There isn't that much way to enhance a webradio or a playlist. One of them is to have awesome transitions between songs and that's exactly what our tech does !

All things the automix does :
  • imitates the behavior of a real DJ
  • mix the songs at the right moment and
    play both songs together for a while
  • sync the beats and the melodies
  • adjust the tempo of the songs
    (without altering their tones)
  • normalize the perceived volume
  • smartly crossfade
  Without an effective protection, it is easy to grab / rip
an online music stream. After one year of intense R&D,
we are able to offer an ultimate protection against
all forms of digital stream-ripping :

Features :
  • the music can absolutely not be stolen (with data grabbers, reverse-engineering, crackers...)
  • among several layers of protection, we developped an unique encryption technology for MP3 files.
  • you can forget this problem, we offer a long-term commitment against future attacks !
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a must have to party on your site!
more focused and engaged users
more value for your music
your radio / playlists will sound amazing
more value for your music
no one will be able to steal your music
your music value is preserved
Integration into your site / app
1. Get the DJ mixer or organize a DJ contest 2. Get the automix technology 3. Customization 4. Portfolio
User feedback (online DJ mixer)
Download the iWebDJ mixer
  To use the iWebDJ mixer on your website, just download the package below containing all files needed (with source).
You will get exactly this page but on your website and with your music.

More precisely, the package contains :
- the mixer user interface (with all Flash/AS3 source)
- the music browser (with all HTML5, CSS, PHP, Javascript source)
- the server side script for recording / broadcasting mixes (with all PHP source)
- the iwebdj music analyzer tool to add your music
- all technical instructions (see them now)

The source code is given, you are free to customize, rebrand, modify the source and the graphical interface of the mixer.
If you are not able to customize the mixer by yourself, we can also do it for you.

The base price for the iWebDJ Mixer alone is 990EUR / 1290USD (without customization).
The base price for the all-included DJ contest is 1990EUR / 2290USD (without customization).

If you are a young company with limited resources and if you are nice guys with an interesting project, we can eventually apply a discount.

By buying the iWebDJ mixer, you accept the license agreement. Also, please feel free to contact us to ask questions.

Contact us to download the iWebDJ Mixer package
or to organize an online DJ contest
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