Our story
  > Why paying $10 per month for an online music streaming service, when listening to the same music on Youtube is free?

People don’t necessarily see the point since Youtube is still by far the largest online music source according to several market studies (such as
the well-known Nielsen’s Music360).

Therefore, to justify their higher prices, online music services must offer more than just music with add-ons such as : discovery tools, smart
radios, social features, smartphone access, offline mode…

Our cause at iWebDJ is to help online music services to add even more value to music by providing them technologies such as :            
    1. a DJ mixer which allows to have fun remixing music online and to organize online DJ contests. (demo)
    2. an automix technology which allows to enhance webradios and playlists by adding awesome song transitions. (demo)
    3. an anti-theft technology which allows to eradicate online music stream-ripping. (demo)
  Our expertise
  - 12 years experience in audio engineering
- 8 years experience in web audio

Important : Absolutely all algorithms inside our technologies have been developed in-house. Notably the beat synchronization algorithm
which is one of the best ever developed.
  iWebDJ history
  2007 : First early proof-of-concept without beatsync
2008 : Development of the first version of the beatsync algorithm
2009 : The player got skinnable user interfaces
2010 : Design of the current beatsync algorithm, iWebDJ v1 is privately released
2011 : iWebDJ v2 introduced real-time BPM control, first version of the Automix algorithm
2012 : iWebDJ v3 is released, development of a cutting-edge timestrech algorithm (preserves tone)
2013 : iWebDJ v4 is released (scratch effect) and anti-theft technology take iWebDJ to the next level
2014 : Our Automix technology reached v2 and brings a new dimension to streaming services! (more info)
2015 : Thanks to the new recording feature, we propose now to organize online DJ contest (more info)
2016 : iWebDJ v6 is released with a new full html5 user interface, new audio FXs and a YouTube video mixer
2017 : We developped a brand new mix recording module + release of a desktop version of our audio engine
2018 : Flash died... the iWebDJ audio engine is not working anymore
  Amsterdam / The Netherlands
  We are always looking for talented, enthusiast and cool people to work remotely.
We especially interested in profiles with a focus on webapp programming, business/marketing, or user interface design.
Please contact us.
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