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  Why not creating an online mix contest for  
  your next marketing campaign?   
We provide a turn-key solution for creating an online mix contest on your website or facebook page.

The contest is intended to be used by anyone because very easy to use, not only real DJs!

Online DJ mixer

Your mix contest will be powered by the best online DJ mixer in the market which provides amazing DJ tools such as : scratch, beatsync,
loops, effects, sampler, equalizer... The mixes can also be recorded to feed the contest. Online demo here and here.
Facebook integration (optional)

Your contest could take place on your facebook page! Indeed, the DJ mixer can be totally integrated into facebook and the mixes can also
be liked, shared, commented and directly listened on facebook. The DJ's ranking could even be based on facebook likes. Online demo.
Customization (optional)

To match your brand, we can do pretty much anything in terms of customization. The graphical appearance can be redesigned and
the iWebDJ logo can be totally removed (rebranding). We can develop special features as well. Here is our portfolio :
  We take care of everything !

Customization, installation, maintenance, hosting, web design... we can take care of all aspects of your mix contest.
Simply ask us what you want and we will make it.

  Pricing and contact

The base price is 2990EUR / 3490USD but the final price depends of the amount of customization your project will need.
Pease tell us more about your future mix contest by email.

Contact us to organize your
online mix contest !